Ring sizing


Resizing a ring is usually something very easy to do. The price depends on what kind of metal the ring is made from, whether we’re sizing it up or down, and in what manner the ring is being resized.

Quick facts for sizing of rings:

  • Plain bands can be stretched or compressed
  • Rings with stones need to be opened up underneath and metal can either be removed or added
  • Adding cleats or inlays can help rings fit better on fingers with large knuckles.
  • Sometimes re-shanking can be useful when a band has thinned out over the years.




Ring Sizing:

In the photo, as you see, we’ve attached cleats that could be removed later. Rings can also be made with a hinged opening for someone with enlarged joints. Most commonly a piece of metal is added or removed from the band, then smoothed and polished to hide the adjustment.

Fingers and joints keeps changing in size though out our lives and our rings needs to change with us. Turn to a qualified jeweler like us, and we can advise you on the best way to change the ring your have based on its design and stones.

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