Titanium Keychains

Handmade titanium keychains created from your own child’s drawings. Each piece hand cut and engraved to capture the warmth and character of the artwork.

Titanium Keychains Quick Facts:

•    Price range is $99-$169 depending on complexity

•    Orders take 7-10 days to leave our studio (rush is possible)

•    Any type or size of image works (scanned or photographed)

•    Keychain approx 2 inch size; lightweight, durable titanium, made to last.

•    We will contact you via e-mail if we have design questions

•    We will determine “solid” or “cut-out” design based on artwork


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Hands and keychain, this is how WE make our titanium keychains. From your hands to ours for perfect and detailed translation.From kids hands to ours-Truly handmade! We don't let any other machines help us create your kids art into jewelry other then hand tools.